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About Us

Because good trade policy requires a solid foundation

Trade policy is a field that brings together economists, political scientists, lawyers, public policy specialists, and practitioners to analyze complex and highly topical issues.


While discussion forums exist for each of these groups separately, the ambition of the Trade Policy Research Forum (TPRForum) is to act as a bridge between communities as well as between research and practice. Researchers and practitioners at all levels of experience are welcome to participate, as are students. Our aim is to provide a space in which new research can be critically discussed and its practical policy implications better understood.

TPRForum will use a variety of formats to facilitate the dissemination of research and discussion of its implications. Some sessions will see an established researcher present key findings from a paper, taking particular care to ensure accessibility to those from other academic backgrounds. Other occasions will see a small group of researchers come together to discuss a salient issue where each has made a research contribution. All participants will be free to post questions in the forum chat area, and session chairs will introduce them to a discussion with the presenters.

Sessions will take place through the Zoom webinar service approximately monthly throughout the year. Participants are encouraged to sign up for the TPRForum email list to ensure they have information on upcoming sessions.

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